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This time around we have asked musicians we know to perform Ed's songs as they hear them and feel them. There are some surprises. Most of the recordings were done remotely during the time of COVID, recorded in studios and in living rooms.

We are grateful for the contributions of:  Annette A Aguilar; Paul Anthony; Mya Byrne; Emily Duff; Jerry Dugger; Peter Galperin; Mike Glick; Suzanne and Richard Hockstein;
Mark Aaron James; Chris James and Annie Mark;
Monica Passin; The Spuds; Ernie Vega; Ina May Wool.

And a particular thanks to the work of The Dirty Water Dogs, featuri
ng Stephen B. Antonakos aka Homeboy Steve. This record is dedicated to the memory of
Steve. We lost him to COVID-19 on March 26th 2020.
He plays on...

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