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Ed Tristram

Guitar, vocals
Ed is from Bushwick NY by way of Cranford NJ. He played during the 70's with The Flying Dogs of Jupiter, then on his own for many years, then in 2010 reunited with the Dogs, playing with them until early 2014. Ed is involved with the Jack Hardy Songwriters' Exchange. He and Greta currently play around NYC.

Greta Mitchell

Harmonica, percussion, harmony vocals, tenor guitar
Greta played harmonica and piano in various Blues and Country-Western combos in the Chicago area: Skid City Blues Band, Joe Cagle & The Roadmasters, The Dixie Diesels, Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows; has appeared with Shawn Colvin, Jim Bruno, Cliff Eberhardt, and others. Former member of the Flying Dogs. Currently performs alongside Ed Tristram in The Good Versus Evil Show; has recently been appearing with various NYC artists such as Jerry Dugger, Monica Passin, Jim Petrie, Drina Seay, and many more.

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